Earthsongs – Modern Indigenous Music
October 2016

Shining Woman (2)Shining Woman, aka Barbara Warren, was the featured artist on EARTHSONGS website October 10-16, 2016. Her profile can still be found in the Archive.

Earthsongs is a weekly one hour -public Native radio program presenting modern indigenous music and distributed by Native Voice One across the country.
An interview with Shining Woman and three songs from “Keeper of the Family” album were aired on Earthsongs in over 100+ stations across the US, as well as in Canada, Guam, and Australia.

Family and Friends left heart-warming comments on her profile page:

Bev Osbourn
I love this CD! Great variety of original songs and music. Barbara is so passionate about her work and you hear it in every song!

Billie Swain
I enjoyed the Keeper of the Family songs; may we have more? Heartwarming!

Marie Brackett
This is truly a great album. Barbara is very talented and devoted to her Cherokee heritage. The album lifted our spirits, made us laugh, sing along and inspired us. Thank you so much, Barbara and Earth Songs for featuring Barbara and her legacy and music.

Erik Richardson
Wonderful collection of songs. Perfect to lift the mood when you’re studying or catching up on things around the house—gives you energy, but doesn’t overload you!

Michael Straight
I had the privilege of seeing and hearing Shining Woman and Otsigeya live at the Indigenous Peoples Days celebration in our Northern California area last week. I’m still replaying several of those songs in my mind, particularly “Keeper of the Family” and “Beautiful World.” I love these songs and have actually learned several Cherokee words and phrases from them. Wado, Barbara Warren for sharing your heart and soul through your music on this delightful album, “Keeper of the Family.” I bought 10 CD’s to share with friends and family.

Mary Kitchens
I love the way I can hear Barbara’s love for the Cherokee culture in her music: her use of Tsalagi language and imagery, whether those are images of everyday living or spiritual imagery. And I admire her infusion of women’s singing style and harmonies into what has been a mostly male – and beautiful – tradition of the drum and powwow styles. Shine on, Shining Woman and Otsigeya!

Mark Brackett
Their music is beautiful and very healing.

Jody Krause
This is a wonderful album that attracts all ages! My children ages 4 and 7 love to sing along to the music while learning the Cherokee language in the process. Thank you for the inspiring album that you have created and shared with my family. Your hard work and continued dedication shines through!

Carolyn Hillock
“Shining Woman” has captured my heart! These songs are gentle, caring, inspiring, and uplifting. As a song catcher, Barbara’s gift of words and selection of accompanying musical instruments truly touches my soul. “Ostigeya” presents powerful medicine to the listeners as the sister’s unite their voices with the boldness of the mother drum. Wonderful CDs!!