Keeper of the Family is a collaboration between Shining Woman (Barbara Warren) and Otsigeya, a Northern California women’s drum group. These women sing together in the spirit of traditional Native music, work to promote the Cherokee language, and carry the medicine of the drum. Together with other friends they have created their first album, Keeper of the Family, which is a celebration of women and their important role as keepers of the family, life-givers, and mothers of mankind.

BarbaraSong catcher Barbara Warren offers a unique, contemporary blend of melodic songs, rich with harmonies added by her sister singers…  Read More>>
Otsigeya finalAs a women’s Drum group, Otsigeya offers fresh, original and inspirational women’s songs… Read More>>
A big THANK YOU to all those who contributed your talent, time and energy to the making of KEEPER OF THE FAMILY!
Producer Barbara A. Warren, aka Shining Woman
Music Director Steve Bayard
Assistant Music Director Nora Thurmond
Sound Engineer, Shining Woman Paul Kraushaar, PSR Recording Studio, Grass Valley CA
Sound Engineer, Otsigeya Matt Baxter, Baxter Ranch Recording Co, Auburn CA
Mastering George Horn, Fantasy Studios, Berkeley CA
Graphic Design Juan Sandoval & Renee Bayard, Adion Design Studio
Shining Woman Photographer Juan Sandoval
Otsigeya Photographer Dennis Walker
Language Consultant Prentice Robinson, Tulsa OK
Song Catcher Barbara A. Warren, aka Shining Woman
Harmonies Arrangement Steve Bayard, Nora Thurmond
Children Singers (Cherokee) Amaya Zebroff 5, Tyler Trantham 6, Kiya Soza 7, Morgan Walker 11, Callie Pulliam 11, Hannah Pulliam 16, Kadie Pulliam 17, and Lauren Roberts 8 (Ojibwe).
Shining Woman Vocals Barbara A. Warren (Cherokee), Carole Ching (Southern Hun), Lindsey Thurmond (Ojibwe), Nora Thurmond (Ojibwe), Tonya Elliott (Cherokee)
Otsigeya Vocals Barbara A. Warren (Cherokee), Brandy Leonard, Gwen Cochran (Cherokee-Comanche), Jennifer West (Cherokee), Kathy Growney, Nora Thurmond (Ojibwe), Shirley Rowland (E. Cherokee), Tonya Elliott (Cherokee), Valerie Retallack (Cherokee-Choctaw)
Mother Drum Otsigeya
Hand Drums, Shakers Barbara A. Warren, Nora Thurmond, Tonya Elliott
Jingles Barbara A. Warren
Piano, Drum Set, Percussion Paul Kraushaar
Guitar, Bass Guitar Steve Bayard
Banjo, Mandolin J.T. Lawrence
Harmonica Homer Wills
Native Flute Eric Ray (Cherokee), aka Gvwi