1. Barbara, Cherokee sisters, and famous roadie “Ray”…..
    WONDERFUL CDs!! You have always had a driving force and vision within you to achieve your dreams. Your dedication to this legacy will touch the lives of all women who listen and meditate about the message in each song. I am truly proud of you and everyone who gave so much of themselves to create Keeper of the Family. Ray, without you this dream would not have happened. Thank you for the inspiration, encouragement, and love you have given my sister for almost “50” years (August)! Your song, “Oh My Darlin’ ” is Maddie and Kaden’s favorite! Love you both, Carolyn

  2. What a gift!

    Dear Barbara, I have listened to your CD several times now and finally have time to give full attention to writing you. What a gift you have! Composing, conveying the meaning you want to share, and persisting through what was a lot of work and rearranging to get to the final goal. It is such a body of work–2 albums in one! Your voices blend harmoniously, there is a mixture of seriousness and humor and I can see the teacher coming in, too. I am in awe of what you have accomplished, with your friends but under your direction. It can be a comfort to those who are Cherokee but also instruct those who are unfamiliar with the language or culture. It is a loving legacy to leave and hopefully will be heard by many in years to come. In the pictures the group appears friendly and like examples of Cherokee womanhood; the presentation and packaging are inviting and eye-catching. You can be very proud; I’m honored to be given this gift of your creating. I will enjoy it many times. Thank you, and keep up your soul work. Love, Billie

  3. Thanks for sending along the reviews and comments regarding your new CD. These are the type of comments that every song writer and artist hopes to achieve. You have evoked true emotion, joy and meaning from your art. You are helping to uplift the human condition. I think it’s the most important thing a person can do. Many kudos to you!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this endeavor. Blessings…

    Peace, Paul (PSR Recording Studio, Grass Valley)

    • I LOVE your new CDs! WOW! The one with the four of you is OUTSTANDING–the singing, the precision of the drumming, the harmonies are FANTASTIC, the songs are complex and satisfying…it’s subtle, musically precise, truly accenting your voices and songs. The mastering was SUPERB!!