Keeper of the Family

Sing along with this powerful women’s song using the on-screen Cherokee lyrics. 

“Keeper of the Family” celebrates the empowerment of women as life-givers and mothers of Mankind.  Women’s inner strengths and attributes as caregivers are the sinews which bind families together.

The Symbolism of the Video’s Photo:

The video image of the Cherokee women’s "burden basket" represents Woman. The baby blanket flows from the basket symbolizing a new life entering this world. The ribbon signifies the biological connection between mother and child.  The baby moccasins represent her infant.  The corn reflects the mother's commitment to nurture and sustain this newest generation to whom she has given life, and points the way to the child’s future.

In most Native American agricultural societies corn is considered as being of feminine energy.   For the ancient Cherokee, corn was their essential life-giving resource and religious ceremonies were held to assure the abundance of corn production.  In Cherokee mythology, "Selu" (which means corn in Cherokee) was "First Woman" who brought the gift of life (corn) to the People.

Beautiful World

Sing “Beautiful World” with Shining Woman & Friends using the on-screen Cherokee lyrics. 

Enjoy a relaxing spiritual journey while viewing the beauty of our natural world.  Listen to sweet vocal harmonies and the wonderful harmonica solo in this joyful original song. Be uplifted, refresh your inner spirit.

Colors Are Everywhere!

Sing along to learn Cherokee color words!  The color words appear in Cherokee phonetics and syllabary characters.

Keeper of The Family Album

You can find all of our songs on Youtube:


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